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The Best New Jordans–Air Jordan XXXVI: Get Yours Today!

It is no secret that when it comes to footwear, there is none better than the Air Jordan line. With each new release, typically there is nothing but hype and excitement. This is especially true for the even numbered Air Jordan releases (i.e. IV-VI, VIII, XVIII, XX, etc.). Today is no different, as the newest addition to the long-running Air Jordan signature line, the Air Jordan XXXVI, is among the best and most progressive Jordans to date.
Weighing only 13.1 ounces, the XXXVI is the lightest Air Jordan ever created. Its Flyknit construction and Flywire midfoot support make it the perfect hybrid of performance and handsome style. With core colors of black, white, and yellow, the XXXVI will no doubt please those who have been longing for the classic look of the original AJs.

Under the hood, the XXXVI is an absolute beast. Beneath the sleek and minimalist design rests a full-length Zoom Air cushioning system that is not only responsive, lightweight and durable, but also provides the necessary cushioning to help you lock in your fit. In addition, the FlightSpeed technology provides springy feedback while still giving your foot the support you need, giving you the confidence that you can take off and explode to the next level. The XXXVI is built to provide the ultimate combination of performance, style, comfort and control.

In terms of style, the XXXVI holds nothing back. With a full-length yellow upper, the shoe captures the eye and never lets it go. The Flyknit construction and midsole bring an attention to detail that is hard to ignore. The iconic Jordan logo appears at the vamp of the shoe and the XXXVI mark is embroidered onto the heel, completing the look that many of us know and love.

If you are in the market for a top-of-the-line fitness and lifestyle shoe, then the Air Jordan XXXVI is the perfect choice. With itsresponsive cushioning and lightweight Flyknit construction, the XXXVI can help you reach your goals on the court or in the gym. If you are looking for a shoe that looks amazing and performs even better, then the XXXVI is the shoe for you. Get themtoday and never look back.

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