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Take Flight with the Air Jordan XXXVI!

Few brands have shaped the world of sports and entertainment like Nike Air Jordan. Born from the basketball great himself, Michael Jordan, Air Jordans have stood the test of time as the most iconic sneaker ever created, instigating fashion trends, culture and craftsmanship.

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the brand, Jordan, alongside Nike, have released yet another sharp looking sneaker to their lineup, the Air Jordan XXXVI. With its iconic wings, loud colors and intricate detailing, it’s sure to be an instant classic within the sneaker community.

Throwing it back to its roots, these shoes are constructed from some of the same schemes and elements used on earlier models. The Air Jordan XXXVI offers a classic design that draws from earlier silhouettes, like the 6 and 11, showing off the iconic wings found on the upper. They have a unique shape that’s elongated and a bit narrower, giving it a more streamlined look for better performance.

The sole is where the real transformation and story take place, with Nike adding a revolutionary FlightSpeed cushion and full-length Zoom Air that provide extra support and cushioning. The FlightSpeed technology consists of two Zoom airbags located near the heel, which gives your foot a quick response when pushing off the floor. Additionally, the 10mm heel drop and extra cushioning allow you to jump higher, run faster and land softer on any surface.

In addition to what’s under your feet, they’ve also upgraded the upper with an updated FitWrap midfoot system. This system features a mesh material that wraps around your foot for a snug fit, while Flyknit material has been incorporated into the upper for breathability. The laces are cinched in with molded circular-channel lacing bands, which provide even more support and security for your foot.

Combine the comfortable cushioning, uber-supportive upper and sleek look and you have a shoe that you’ll love to wear on and off the court. Although additional colors are being released, the Air Jordan XXXVI comes in a few common colors, including smoke grey, black/white, and volt/black. All of these colors are strong statements and will be sure to turn heads while out and about.

The Air Jordan XXXVI is sure to become a staple in the sneaker industry. It boasts a sophisticated, updated design that pays homage to the past, with modern-day amenities to keep your feet fresh and stylish. Optimal performance and classic style come together, making this a must have for any sneakerhead or those who appreciate a classic design.

Discover the new Nike Air Jordan XXXVI now, for a superior experience on and off the court. Embrace the iconic wings that represent the beating heart of the Air Jordan, and find your own wings of creative expression. Take flight with the Air Jordan XXXVI and make a statement without saying a word.

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