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Step into The Future with the Air Jordan XXXVI

The Air Jordan 36 (XXXVI) is the most innovative model in the iconic Air Jordan line. With the latest technology and a great design, the newest Jordan sneaker is sure to revolutionize the way we look at basketball shoes.

The Jordan brand has been known for some time now for pushing the boundaries of basketball footwear. The first Air Jordan shoes dropped in 1984 and have since become one of the most popular models in the world. The upcoming Air Jordan 36 (XXXVI) is set to be no different.

To start, the shoe features Flyknit and FlyEase, which provide the wearer with lightweight, breathable, and ultra-supportive construction. Additionally, the Flyknit upper is strengthened with a zoned fiber composite yarn that forms a supportive exoskeleton, seamlessly weaving throughout the shoe. In order to ensure optimal fit, the entire upper can be adjusted by the wearer via the new Internal Lacing System.

The newest addition to the Jordan family also packs a lot of punch when it comes to cushioning. The center of the midsole is injected with the Zoom Air Pods that deliver the perfect blend of responsiveness and cushioning, giving the wearer the best performance possible.

As much as Air Jordans are known for performing well, they are also known for providing great looks on the court. The shoe features an interesting and vibrant color palate on the upper and midsole, and the new Wings logo on the heel adds a great design element to the shoe.

Not only does the Air Jordan 36 (XXXVI) look good and perform great, it is also eco-friendly. The midsole foam material is 100% recyclable and the yarn used on the upper is made from 80% recycled water bottles.

As we look to the future and the new additions to the Air Jordan line, it is clear that the Air Jordan 36 (XXXVI) will be one of the best models yet. With top-of-the-line performance, good looks and eco-friendly material, the Air Jordan 36 (XXXVI) looks to be one of the most revolutionary basketball shoes to hit the market.

For those looking to take their basketball game to the next level, the Air Jordan 36 (XXXVI) is the perfect choice. With the latest in performance and design and an eco-friendly construction, the Air Jordan 36 will take the basketball court by storm. Look out for the Air Jordan 36, coming soon to stores.

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