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Slip into Air Jordan XXXVI and Feel Like Floatin\’ Up!

The Air Jordan XXXVI is the latest addition to Jordan Brand’s iconic line-up of iconic basketball sneakers. With its unique design and unbelievable technologies, the Air Jordan XXXVI is the most state-of-the-art basketball shoe from Jordan Brand yet. Built on a lightweight, responsive cushioning system, the Air Jordan XXXVI provides instant energy return and court feel from the first step. It also features a Flyknit upper for an enhanced lockdown fit and an updated last for a comfortable, supportive fit around the foot. All of these features come together to make the Air Jordan XXXVI a shoe that is perfect for basketball players who want an extra edge on the court.

When stepping into the Air Jordan XXXVI, you will feel like you’re floating up. A combination of full-length Zoom cushioning and the lightweight Flyknit upper provide exceptional cushioning, making it a comfortable shoe while still delivering optimal energy return. The Zoom cushioning system is designed to make you feel like you’re floating above the court, while the Flyknit upper wraps the foot in a lockdown fit to keep you low and stable while you’re on the move.

The Air Jordan XXXVI’s midsole also provides incredible stability and responsiveness. The combination of Zoom cushioning and lightweight midsoles keep your feet close to the ground to help you respond quickly to your opponents on the court. Plus, a low-profile design provides excellent grip on the court, whether you’re cutting and pivoting or accelerating and jumping.

The Air Jordan XXXVI also features a lightweight design that makes it easy to wear all day long. The lightweight Flyknit upper and sole provides a light, breathable fit that won’t slow you down, while the durable rubber outsole ensures superior traction and grip on the court. Plus, the bright colors and stylish design make the Air Jordan XXXVI a great looking sneaker wherever you go.

The Air Jordan XXXVI isn’t just a great basketball shoe, it’s also designed to help take your game to the next level. The Air Jordan XXXVI has a unique combination of performance technologies that help you stay low and in control on the court. The full-length Zoom cushioning, lightweight Flyknit upper and low-profile design provide an unbeatable combination of cushioning and grip, making the Air Jordan XXXVI perfect for all types of basketball players, whether they’re an aspiring all-star or a recreational player.

If you’re looking for a basketball shoe that will provide you with an edge on the court, look no further than the Air Jordan XXXVI. This revolutionary shoe from Jordan Brand is designed with state-of-the-art technologies to deliver superior comfort, stability and performance, so you can stay low and in control on the court. Slip into the Air Jordan XXXVI and feel like you’re floating up every time you step onto the court.

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