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Raise Your Kicks Game with the Dior Air Jordan 1!

Raise Your Kicks Game with the Dior Air Jordan 1!

The world of sneakers just got a whole lot cooler with the much-anticipated launch of the Dior Air Jordan 1s. Unveiled by Dior earlier this year, this street-meets-sporty style has been blended with the much-loved Jordan 1 silhouette, resulting in one seriously hot sneaker.

The luxury French fashion house has created a premium version of the classic Air Jordan 1 by bringing together elements of both couture and streetwear. The classic white, grey and red colourway is complemented by the iconic ‘DIOR’ branding on the upper, giving the shoe a unique and luxurious look. It also features a bold statement sole – an iconic Jordan symbol – which stands out from the traditional Air Jordan 1.

The Dior Air Jordan 1s are an exceptionally stylish option for those aiming for a fashionable streetwear look. The blend of a classic sporty design with luxurious Dior detailing creates a look that cannot be ignored. The original design has significant meaning for the Jordan 1 – it was the first basketball shoe Nike released with Michael Jordan as its face. Now, the beloved silhouette has been revived with a unique flair courtesy of Dior.

The silhouette of the Jordan 1 has been modernized in the Dior Air Jordan 1 – given the extra detail of a varied leather lining and a leather tongue tab with the signature Dior ‘D’. There’s also a suede overlay with the signature Dior logo and a cracked leather middle section.

The devil is in the details when it comes to streetwear and the Dior Air Jordan 1s are no exception. The iconic Jumpman logo, which appears at the back of the shoe on the right and left, remains prominent, enhanced with the classic Dior pattern. From the middle of the foot to the back of the shoe, Dior has covered the leather with a muted green hue adding a hit of colour, a clever detail featured by the luxury French fashion house.

The Air Jordan 1 is already a much-loved kick but the collaboration between Dior and Jordan has taken the iconic sneaker to the next level. Whether you’re a fan of streetwear or prefer a smarter look, the Dior Air Jordan 1s provide the perfect balance; a subtle but luxe look matched with undeniable quality.

For those looking to step up their footwear game, this sublime addition to the one of the world’s most loved shoe styles is the perfect way to elevate the look.

The Dior Air Jordan 1s are set to release soon and they’re expected to be a style success. Combining the iconic Jordan 1 style with ultimate luxury, the shoes are sure to be a hit and the perfect way to get your kicks game going in 2021.

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