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infrared Unlock the Heat-Experience the Jordan XXXVI Infrared!

The newest iteration of the Jordan XXXVI Infrared will bring the heat to the courts and fields of the world. Following the recent buzz surrounding the all-new “WHEELCHAIR CREW” sneaker launch, the new Jordan XXXVI Infrared steps up the ante and celebrates the drive, determination, and enthusiasm of team players worldwide. With a design rooted in legacy and performance, the Jordan XXXVI Infrared delivers extraordinary comfort and long-lasting support from the professional player to the playground.

Getting up close and personal with infrared technology, the Jordan XXXVI Infrared introduces a unique new way to experience the Jordan Brand. Utilizing infrared technology, which enables that release of heat from the skin to provide the sneaker with a customized and optimized fit, the XXXVI infrared is focused on providing increased support to athletes in need. The latest innovation from Jordan Brand pushes boundaries and has been designed with a focus on performance and ultimate comfort.

In order to provide the necessary support and breathability, the Jordan XXXVI Infrared was constructed with lighter, more durable materials and infused with an internal energy transfer technology, which reacts with infrared energy to ensure the optimal fit and comfort. The shoes are designed to be the perfect fit for each foot, with designed accommodating right and left feet separately. Heel support is also a key factor in the design, as the midsole and outsole work together to create a strong and reliable traction. The use of infrared energy also helps to ensure comfort while playing, as it helps to disperse hotfoot caused from impacts.

The Jordan XXXVI Infrared also includes Design Elements that further enhance the appeal of the sneaker. Th Leather and mesh mesh upper, combined with the Jordan Jumpman logo and molded TPU heel tab construction adds an extra layer of style and flair. Aerilic Foam cushioning provides soft cushioning for those long days on the court, while the outsole is adapted with multi-surface traction that provides good grip and stability.

The final touches of the Jordan XXXVI Infrared are the colours. The sneaker comes in a “Infrared” heel tab, midsole and outsole, as well as a “Black & White” Flyknit upper, with a “Power Red” detailing on the wings. The combination of these colours represents Jordan’s legacy and the spirit of playing with a purpose. Whether it’s for fun, for pleasure or for competition, the Jordan XXXVI Infrared provides a high standard of performance.

The newest addition to the Jordan family, the Jordan XXXVI Infrared, is optimized for performance and built with passion, design and a passion for the game. With its strong materials and Heat-Activated fit, this is one sneaker that you can’t afford to miss out on. Bring the heat to the court and experience the Jordan XXXVI Infrared!

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