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Discover the Onyx of Yeezy Style With These Breath-Taking Shoes!

A fashionable sneaker designed to be a lifestyle piece rather than a performance product, the Onyx of Yeezy Style shoes are changing the way we think about style. The bold designs and signature colorways make them a must-have for any wardrobe looking for a little edge. Not to mention all the unique details, like asymmetrical lacing, that make the pair stand out in a crowded sneaker closet.

From striking aesthetics to all-day comfort, it’s no wonder why this silhouette has become a go-to piece of footwear amongst fashion-forward sneaker lovers around the world. Read below to learn more about the Yeezy Style Onyx, why they look so good, and how they can be yours.

The Onyx of Yeezy Style is part of the Yeezy Powerphase line, a major part of Adidas’s long-lasting collaboration with Kanye West. The shoe was released in early 2020, the same year that marked the beginning of the Air Yeezy Boost line. It featured a monochromatic look in a simple yet dynamic colorway that gave it an unmistakable visual effect.

The base of the shoe is crafted from a combination of leather and suede, providing a comfy fit that looks striking. The all-black upper is complemented by subtle touches of red and brown, giving the shoe a luxurious feel. The asymmetrical lacing system is a signature detail that Kanye, and Adidas have repeated in subsequent Yeezy releases.

Turning the shoe around reveals another signature detail, the Yeezy logo which is stamped on the back. A long and thin rubber outsole features the signature Adidas branding, and the outsole sole is textured to provide the wearer with traction no matter the terrain.

The breathable materials that make up the shoe make it perfect for long days spent on your feet, as the cushioning ensures maximum comfort all day long. The low-top nature of the shoe makes it suitable for casual occasions, adding a touch of class to any casual outfit.

If you’re after a fashion-forward shoe that’s stylish, luxurious and extraordinarily comfortable, look no further than the Onyx of Yeezy Style. From the signature styling to the signature details, these shoes make for a one of a kind sneaker that won’t be forgotten any time soon.

But it’s not just the looks that make these shoes so desirable. To ensure the comfort of all Onyx wearers, Adidas have fitted the shoes with a Durasling cushioning system. This soft foam insulates every step and provides excellent impact shock resistance and support even during long sessions of walking.

Because of the combination of style, comfort and functionality, the Onyx of Yeezy Style is dominating the sneaker world and making a name for itself as one of the most sought-after shoes of 2020. The modern-day spin on a classic kicks the Yeezy brand is known for taking means these shoes are here to stay.

Whether you’re a sneakerhead, a fashion lover, or just looking for something special, the Onyx of Yeezy Style should be at the top of your list. Get a pair today and look – and feel – better than ever.

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