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About Our Shipping Methods

  1. Which delivery service you use?

For international direct transportation, we use services including EMS, USPS, Fedex, UPS, etc. In addition, we may use other exclusive logistics delivery services to ensure that the package can pass through the border and be delivered to your doorstep.

02.When will I receive the tracking info?

Usually within 3-6 days after payment done. Due to all packages are not shipped directly from initial city, there is few days used to transit and pickup to get tracking numbers scanned & update into the system.  If after 6 days still have not received the tracking number, please contact us, we will help you.

03.Why I haven’t receive my tracking number after purchased few days?

All packages are not shipped directly from initial city, there is few days used to transit and pickup to the post office to get tracking numbers scanned into the system. Your package may be being shipped, or being transported at a different station to reach the next delivery service receiving point to obtain the tracking number, please don’t worry, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us to check the status of your package.

04.What is the shipping time?

Shipping time is depends on the shipping logistic company. Normally you may have the items within 9-15 days.

05.What if My package is missing but the tracking number shows that it has been signed?

My package shows that it has been signed but it is not in my mailbox/door, what should I do? Please check with your neighbors or family to see if they helped sign for your package. In addition, contact the delivery company to confirm the final location of the package. If the package is stolen by a stranger, we are sorry that we cannot provide more help. Please pay attention when the tracking number is available, and contact the delivery person to ensure that the package is not placed in a location where it is easy to be stolen.

06.Do you give reship/refund or compensation if my package is stolen?

You should proactively contact the carrier to find out what was happened about the delivery.We do not provide compensation for the loss of the package due to theft after receipt of the package, we hope you can understand.

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